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Focused on Purpose

We are a proud Colorado company serving the entire world with beautiful, reclaimed wood paneling. Our products make wood renovations and artwork installations easy. Various construction quality adhesives and mechanical fasteners can be used to easily stick the tiles to the wall and each other. Any DIY-er with an eye for creativity and design could complete an entire installation without the help or expenses of contractors.

Since the inception of our business, we’ve strived to think locally about our sourcing, resources, and people. Next to our customers, the safety of our environment is our number one concern. We want to make sure that our work reflects stewardship and compassion in how we run our business and treat the environment. 

Woodwöl is dedicated to the ideals of Colorado — a place where the spirit of adventure meets the wilderness of the frontier — and many nature lovers around the world. We hope you love our products, and we want you to be part of our story as a Colorado-based company that makes elegant wood paneling in an environmentally friendly way. Contact us to learn more or view our products page to order now!