About Us

Woodwöl is the finest reclaimed wood wall panel available. Competitively priced and elegant in design, our product line offers you a full selection of options to choose from.

We have been making reclaimed and up-cycled wood products for over 15 years. Founded with the idea of giving designers, architects and homeowners a predictable and elegant reclaimed wood solutions, Woodwöl is a beautiful example of a company dedicated to design ideals and stewardship. We love to manufacture things in the United States of America and take pride that our people are employed right here in the town our founding team grew up in. For several years, we have always manufactured behind the scenes, but now we are taking our product directly to your door - straight from the manufacturer to you. 

We believe in a few key things as a company and we hope you see these values translated in our product:

  • People Matter—Hard work right here in the USA is about caring for our people.
  • Design Matters—Great products aren't just thrown together, they take time to curate and make special. Every sheet or stick of wood that leaves our facility has been inspected and crafted to give you the highest level design available.
  • Environment Matters—We want to take care of the world we live in. We started this company with the idea that we were taking materials that were going to the landfill and making them into something that helps in acting responsibly towards our globe. We value our impact and take great pride in making sure we reduce waste and energy consumption at all times. 
  • Giving Back Matters—While it's wonderful to build a great successful company, it doesn't mean anything without giving back to our community.

We are so thankful that you would consider Woodwöl for your next project! We value our customers and do all we can to give you premier customer service and an excellent product at tremendous value.