Grid Buckskin Mosaic Wood Wall Tile


If you want a design that is simple, elegant, and rustic, then look no further than our buckskin wood tiles with a unique grid style! The practicality of this design and the hues of the wood make it suitable for almost any aesthetic you’d like to go for! With our reclaimed wood tiles, you can get back to nature or simply take a piece of it with you into your contemporary designs.

  • Dimensional tiles range in depth from 1/2˝ to 3/4˝
  • This helps give your wall or artwork a textured look
  • 5/8˝ is the standard height for all of our buckskin options
  • Flat tiles provide a more uniform, unshadowed look

As with all of our panels and tiles, these grid-style buckskin wood tiles are made out of reclaimed and up-cycled wood and manufactured in our home state of Colorado. We’re built on the ideals of sustainability and a love for natural beauty. All of our products can be used and installed by DIYers, designers, contractors and homeowners.

  • All tiles are 1 square foot
  • All of our real wood tiles and panels can be upgraded to Class A fire ratings

Looking for Samples? All of our tiles are 1 square foot in area and our samples are full tiles. To get a sample, order 1 tile. 

If you are an architect or commercial designer, please contact a rep and we can get you samples. If you are a residential Interior designer please inquire about our trade program.

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