Cobblestone Gunstock Mosaic Wood Wall Tile


The gunstock cobblestone tile offers something that few other wood tiles can. While providing a uniform look, cobblestone has structured variation built into it. This means you can provide walls and art hangings with a look that is consistent, but that still offers texture visually.

  • Our 3-D tiles range from 1/2” to 3/4” in depth
  • Adding dimensional pieces makes wall art or wall installations more dynamic
  • Our flat tiles are available at a standard depth of 5/8”
  • Having flat tiles helps give a more uniform look throughout the day, with fewer shadows

Our cobblestone wood tiles are made out of the same real, reclaimed wood that all of our tiles and panels are made from and they’re manufactured in Woodöl’s home town of Fort Collins. When you buy with us, you get an easy-to-use product, support sustainable sourcing, and pay into our local economy.

  • All tiles and panels can be upgraded to Class A fire ratings
  • One tile equals one square foot

Looking for Samples? All of our tiles are 1 square foot in area and our samples are full tiles. To get a sample, order 1 tile. 

If you are an architect or commercial designer, please contact a rep and we can get you samples. If you are a residential Interior designer please inquire about our trade program.

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