Cobblestone Buckskin Mosaic Wood Wall Tile


This square tile can help add a rustic or elegant look to any room of your home. Whether you’re an interior designer, or just a homeowner looking for an easy renovation idea, these cobblestone wooden tiles can help you achieve a multitude of looks and accents in your home.

  • Dimensioned tiles range from 1/2˝ to 5/8˝ in depth
  • Varying depths add more texture to your wall or art installation
  • All flat buckskin tiles come at height of 5/8˝
  • Fewer shadows occur on flat paneling

When you chose real wood tiles from Woodwöl, you get reclaimed wooden tiles that are easy to install. Designing, remodeling, and renovating your home with wooden walls, wood wall art, or wooden accents has never been easier.

  • All panels or tiles can be upgraded to Class A fire ratings
  • 1 tile = 1 square foot


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