Bond Glacier Mosaic Wood Wall Tile


Glacier bond reclaimed wood tiles provide for variation in your design with it’s offset, square stacking. The glacier bond wood decor panels are a great option for small walls, accents, or to provide a critical piece in your art installation.

  • All flat panels and tiles are at an equal height of 5/8˝
  • This helps eliminate shadows on the artwork or wall installation
  • Dimensional panels range in depth from 1/2˝ to 5/8˝
  • This provides more texture for your final design

These glacier bond tiles are made out of real, reclaimed wood in Fort Collins, CO. At Woodwöl, we have a passion for the outdoors and helping people bring beautiful pieces of nature into their homes.

  • All tiles and panels can be upgraded to Class A fire ratings
  • All panels are all one square foot

Looking for Samples? All of our tiles are 1 square foot in area and our samples are full tiles. To get a sample, order 1 tile. 

If you are an architect or commercial designer, please contact a rep and we can get you samples. If you are a residential Interior designer please inquire about our trade program.

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