Chevron Buckskin Mosaic Wood Wall Tile


This chevron style wood tile combines the versatile look of buckskin wood with the dynamic chevron pattern. Let your imagination run wild, with the chevron pattern that implies constant motion.

  • Tiles with dimension range with pieces from 1/2˝ to 3/4˝ in depth
  • These varying depths add texture to your design
  • Flat buckskin chevron tiles are a standard height of 5/8˝
  • Flat panels have a more consistent color because of fewer shadows

They’re made out of reclaimed or recycled wood, so you know you’re doing the right thing as far as the environment is concerned. They’re also easy for anyone to use, and they can be used for either temporary decor or for permanent renovations.

  • Each panel is one square foot
  • Panels can be upgraded to Class A fire ratings

Looking for Samples? All of our tiles are 1 square foot in area and our samples are full tiles. To get a sample, order 1 tile. 

If you are an architect or commercial designer, please contact a rep and we can get you samples. If you are a residential Interior designer please inquire about our trade program.

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