Herringbone Wall Panels - The Skeleton Breakdown

Herringbone Design Patterns - The Real Skinny    Lets talk turkey for a minute - well not turkey but fish. We have all heard the phrase herringbone before in the design world but very few of us actually know what in the world we are alluding to when we use it. It is conjured that the herringbone pattern was named after the fish skeleton. Not exactly anything that any of us want to celebrate or would associate with high fashion or design. The original herringbone pattern was actually found in the old roman empire.  The original latin for this pattern...

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Herringbone White Barnwood Walls

At Woodwöl, we specialize in easy to install, highly designed products that make any room amazing. We believe that the look of reclaimed wood can be refined and beautiful. While other companies have raced to the bottom with price and basic rustic barnwood planks; we decided that refining the material into something special and beautiful was a better approach. We have refined our product into classic tile patterns like herringbone, chevron and square mosaics to give a high level of interest and design with this rustic material. Take a look at these amazing designs that people have created all over...

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