Glacier Brick Reclaimed Wood Mosaic Panel

Brick Glacier Mosaic Wood Wall Tile

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Our brick wood paneling has the comfortable, uniform look that bricks provide, but with the inviting colors and texture of wood. The glacier version provides an easy, uniform look for whole wall renovations and it goes well with many contemporary designs or classic, light-toned designs.

  • All flat panels rest at an equal height of 5/8˝
  • This eliminates shadows on artwork or walls
  • 3-D panels range in depth from 1/2˝ to 5/8˝
  • 3-D paneling gives walls and artwork a textured look

Our glacier brick wood paneling is made in Colorado, and made out of reclaimed and recycled materials. Despite its humble origins, all of our wood paneling has a fine finish that can add elegance to your interior designs.

  • Any of our paneling can be upgraded to a Class A fire rating
  • All panels cover one square foot
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