Glacier Ashlar Mosaic Wood Tile

Ashlar2 Glacier Mosaic Wood Wall Tile

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This variation of our Glacier Ashlar1 comes with darker hues in its striations for a more varied look than its brethren. While the difference in each individual tile might not jump out immediately, these two tiles will have considerably different feels when constructed into whole walls or large artworks.

  • All flat tiles are 5/8˝ in depth/height
  • Flat tiles give your finish a more consistent, unshadowed look
  • Dimensional tile pieces range from 1/2˝ to 5/8˝ in depth
  • Dimensional pieces provide more texture to your artwork or wall installation

As with all of our real wood panels and tiles, the Glacier Ashlar2 is made in Colorado out of reclaimed and up-cycled wood and can be installed by DIYers, home renovators, and interior designers alike!

  • All of our tiles are available with Class A fire ratings
  • All of our tiles equal one square foot
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