Ember Ashlar Reclaimed Wood Mosaic Tile

Ember Ashlar2 Wood Tiles

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Inspired by Shou-sugi-ban (the Japanese art of wood charring), Ember is dark, deep and full of character. Our ceramic wood glaze gives it a beautiful shine and the reclaimed wood’s character comes through with an intense, clean look.

Hand-made in Colorado using reclaimed wood, these easy to install 1 square foot interlocking mosaic wood tile sheets are an exciting new way to incorporate nature into your design. Choose from 5 finishes, 9 patterns and 2 depths.

Choose from 5 finishes, 9 patterns and 2 depths.

Each tile is 1 square feet and comes in dimensional and flat depths.

Dimensional: Tile pieces vary in depth from 1/2˝ to 5/8˝ creating texture and shadow in the pattern.

Flat: Tile pieces have a uniform height of 5/8˝ giving the pattern a consistent unshadowed appearance.

Class A Fire Treatment is Available.

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