Buckskin Herringbone Mosaic Wood Panel

Buckskin Herringbone Wood Decor Panels

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Our Buckskin Herringbone wooden panels offer the best of both worlds when it comes to providing a pattern that is both classic and dynamic. With buckskin, you can engage with a variety of aesthetics, thanks to its natural variation in hues. Whether you’re putting together a piece of hanging wall art or going for a wooden wall renovation like no other, these decorative panels make it easy.

  • All 3-D panels range in depths from 1/2˝ to 5/8˝
  • This provides the wall or art piece with a more textured look
  • Flat panels and tiles come at a standard height of 5/8˝
  • Flat, wood tiles and panels offer less shadows on your finish

The best part of renovating, remodeling, or sprucing up your home with Woodwöl, is that anyone can do it! No matter whether you’re an interior designer, a home renovation contractor, or a homeowner, our panels provide easy installation and the peace of mind that you work with sustainable goods, as all of our wood panels and tiles are made from reclaimed and up-cycled wood right here in Colorado.

  • Tiles come in one square foot sections
  • All panels can be upgraded to Class A fire ratings
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